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Engagement Rings, Bespoke & Archive Designs

Bespoke Creations

Our bespoke process is what we have become known for, with clients working with creative director Nathalie Melville over a number of months to create a unique piece - starting from a blank sheet of paper!

Working closely with Nathalie, clients receive mood boards, design illustrations, technical drawings and presentation book at the end documenting the process - in addition to the piece itself. 

These modern heirlooms can take anything from 4 months to a year to create - from creating the perfect design to sourcing the ideal stones, each piece is a labour of love.

Archive Design Library

Over many years we have built an extensive library of designs. These can be created as they are, or fully customised to suit specific tastes, budgets and preferences.

This is an ideal avenue for clients with more pressing deadlines, as it allows a truly personalised option without the longer timeline involved with the fully bespoke design process.


However, each piece is still custom made-to-order so the end result is luxurious and one-of-a-kind.

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